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We are the largest Wing Chun Organization in Pan-America; with our award-winning headquarters in Huber Heights, Ohio since 1987, a growing network of schools throughout the United States and internationally, with members in over 20 countries, and the accomplished team of instructors and staff members throughout the Meng's organization who are dedicated to helping you reach your full human potential. We are a team of focused, long term, and a professional organization continuously creating supporting material for our curriculum such as our Online Learning University, DVDs, Books, Manuals, in-person seminars/workshops. Meng's Martial Arts HQ is also the host to the internationally respected Ving Tsun Museum, the first martial arts museum in the United States.

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master brad ryan


- 7th Level Senior Instructor, Ving Tsun Athletic Association (only 1 in 44 worldwide)
- 6th Degree Master Rank Black Sash in the Ving Tsun Museum grading curriculum( 1 of 5 Worldwide)
- Certified by the Ving Tsun Museum in Dayton, Ohio in the
- Yipman Wing Chun Kung Fu system
- Picture in the Yipman Museum in Fujian, China
- 2018 WORLD TILTLE BRONZE Medal Wing Chun Competition Winner( 1 of 2 people from USA
- 2023 PAN - AMERICA Champion
(Gold in Chi Sao/ Bronze in Baat Jaam Dao/ Bronze in Bui Jee)
-USA Wing Chun Team 2023
-USA Wing Chun Team 2018
-6x National Gold Medal Wing Chun Competition Winner
- Featured in Multiply Internationally Sold DVD’s
- Featured in Kung Fu Magazine
- Instructor and Contributor to the The Ving Tsun Museums online course.
- Certified Sifu in Hek Ki Boen Kun Tao system. (1st level Associate Instructor / Less than 20 Worldwide)
- Certified Pan-America level Judge and Referee in Wing Chun.
- Coach to San Shou / Chinese Kickboxing / Grappling Fighter
- First of 5 Non-Monks to get certified by Shaolin TempleName Listed on the Wing Chun Plaque at the Shaolin Temple ( 1 of 133 Worldwide)
- Has done Safety Assemblies for Katy ISD since 2008

Meng's Martial Arts flyer


Master Brad Ryan is a Full-Time martial arts business owner. Master Ryan knew within his first week of being a student he wanted to be a teacher of the martial arts. This is his passion, and his way to give back to the community on helping children, as well as adults, grow physically, mentally and emotionally using martial arts as the vehicle. He truly cares for his students’ success. Master Ryan is happily married with 2 kids and lives in Katy, TX. He is very active in community events.


Alexander Cheng

Black Sash Club Member / Wing Chun National Champion
"A rare find in Katy! It is so difficult to find a Wing Chun school in general and to have one in Katy is absolutely terrific. This is not just another choreographed form-based kung fu style but a full system including long range, short range, grappling with real defensive tactics."

Athena Cheng

San Da and Wing Chun National Champion
"I have learned so much at kung fu. I learned confidence, focus, discipline, and how to serve others before myself. I can face what life has for me and deal with it because I have the eye of the tiger."

Jacob Delarm

Instructors Program / Black Sash Member
"I walked in without any previous martial arts experience and his first priority is establishing a culture of respect and a sense of welcome. Every day that I walk in I know that I will improve myself, and I will have fun while I do so. I have been in Wing Chun classes for 2 years now and I’ve never felt stronger than I have before."

Ryan & Mason Tran

Competition Team
"My mental health and self-confidence in myself have never been higher and my physical health has grown even stronger. - Ryan ; "Wing Chun has taught me great self defense and the quality of being a great Kung Fu warrior." - Mason


Competition Team
"Wing Chun helps me with my strength for self-defense. I love that if I need it to use Wing Chun I am able to. I like that I have a lot of friends in Wing Chun to see every time I go to class."

Richard Peek

Instructors Program
"What was impressive upon entering the class, was the discipline, and yet the camaraderie that existed between young and older. Throughout my first introductory session I was fully embraced."

Reagan Bazan

San Da and Wing Chun National Champion
"If you do Kung Fu with Master Brad Ryan, he will teach you how to control your emotions. It’ll also teach you really good life lessons. I started when I was 4.5 years old and now I’m 10 years old. If you want to do a sport that will teach you about discipline, focus and respect, I suggest you do Kung Fu with Sifu Brad Ryan."‍

Emad Elsayed

Orientation Member
I have been practicing different martial arts for the past 15 years, but recently I joined Meng’s Martial Arts. I felt that I am part of a strong martial arts family. Sifu Ryan emphasizes the importance of the mindset and mental aspects of Kung Fu / Wing Chun.

Brandt Capilongo

Parent & Business Leader in Katy
"My daughter has been training at this school for several years and the benefits have been remarkable. She has gained an incredible amount of confidence. Sifu Brad Ryan has created a welcoming and inclusive environment where my daughter feels safe to take risks and try new things."



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