Competition Track

Since the first year of opening in 1987, Meng’s Martial Arts has produced local champions, national champions, pan-American champions and world champions.

At our Shaolin Wing Chun school, we have a family of students who love to compete in martial arts tournaments at the local, international and world levels. They compete in various styles of events, light contact to full contact fighting, form, weapons and Chi Sao. While it's not necessary for all of our students to compete outside of our school's tournaments, we are proud of our successful track record of producing champions in different categories. We have won three world titles, panamerican titles, and multiple national titles.

We have produced champions in all categories. Currently our Shaolin Wing Chun organization has records of winning in Sanda , Lei Tai, Kickboxing, Chi Sao, Mai San Jong and MMA.

Our Competition Track, which is also referred to as our Tiger Track, focuses on practical fighting skills more than theory. These students are interested in testing themselves and learning how to fight in real-life situations. However, we also emphasize the development of the entire person, including the body, mind, and heart. Our programs focus on teaching life skills to all students aged seven and up.

San Da / Chinese Kickboxing Competition Team

San Da or sometimes referred to as San shou is the official Chinese boxing full-contact sport. Sanda is a fighting system which was originally developed by the Chinese military based upon the study and practices of traditional Chinese martial arts and modern combat fighting techniques.  It combines boxing and full-contact kickboxing, which includes close range and rapid successive punches and kicks, with wrestling, takedowns, throws, sweeps, and leg catches. This is for ages 6 and up. (Students have to try out and qualify for team) This would be ideally for ages 8-35yrs Old.

Wing Chun Competition Team

For those that are into more traditional martial arts, the Wing Chun competition team offers a lot of options and different levels of challenges, perfect for students of different ages. This includes forms, Chi Sao and Mai Song Jong.

The Wing Chun competition team offers 3 major different divisions and eight different events. This is ideal for ages 10 and up.

Forms Competition 

 Sui Nim Tao / Chum Kui / Bui Ji 

Wooden Dummy (Muk Jong) / Luk Dim Boon Qwan (Pole) / Baat Jaam Dao (Knife)

Reactionary Skill Events- Both are preformed in a 10x10 area showcasing close range combat

Chi Sao 

 Mai Song Jong

Where Champions are made.

Grand Master Benny Meng talking to students
Vincent Meng with palms together
Instructor tying belt of a child student

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