Instructor Track

With a 1,500 year history to our martial art system, we know that true leaders create more leaders.

Our instructor training program moves through two phases. The first phase is focused on training students within a school to assist in classes and includes the potential to become paid, part-time staff. The second phase is focused on training assistant instructors and instructors who trained outside of our school on the deeper aspects of our 1,500 year tradition and the best in modern, professional martial arts instruction and ethical business operation. With schools located throughout the world, we’re definitely doing something right! This is the perfect program if you’ve ever wanted to do martial arts as a career.

The Assistant Instructor’s Program is focused on developing a team of highly trained, competent assistant instructors, who are empowered with an understanding of:
- Positive teaching techniques
- High-functioning communication skills
- Effective skills and drills to keep classes interesting and exciting, and
- Tools to improve attendance and enhance retention,
- Safeguarding the art and passing it to the next generation

And most importantly:
- Developing the winning attitude necessary to be a successful and effective martial arts assistant instructor, and to be a happy, healthy, safe, wealthy and wise human being, able and capable of lighting the flame of positive energy within themselves and others.

The Assistant Instructors developed through this course are recognized and qualified to teach within a local school and are well-prepared to excel in the complete Shaolin Wing Chun Instructor Certification Program (Lohan Program). Assistant Instructor Program is the first step to earning qualified status to start or teach within your own club or school. This program starts with an interview, so if you’re interested, please contact us to get more information on the assistant program and the full Instructor Lohan Program.

In the past, instructor training usually consisted of finding a good student and saying, “here is your class, teach it." Being a good student with good skill, although important, is not the main factor in becoming a good instructor.

The First and SINGLE MOST important quality in an instructor is a Positive Attitude! If you don't enjoy what you are doing, your students won't want to stay around you for very long.

Second is skill – not just skill in the proper execution of martial art techniques, but in the ability to teach and motivate yourself and others.

Grand Master Benny Meng talking to students
Vincent Meng with palms together
Instructor tying belt of a child student

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