Military Focused

Top 5 reasons why a military person trains here. Written by one of our military students.

1) Mental health: The eternal warrior. Just because we are not at war doesn’t mean the war doesn’t rage inside of us. Martial arts brings inner peace.

2) The challenge: We strive to challenge ourselves so we feel that we can overcome age, weight and significance. Nothing is worse than a warrior put out to pasture.

3) Physical health: Loss, stress, physical and mental injury lead to giving up in life and becoming former shadows of ourselves. Many become overweight or alcohol dependent and drug dependent to escape ourselves and our own minds. Martial arts brings the balance of yin and yang to improve our overall health.

4) Brotherhood: Coming together and building friendships with those that have bled, sweat, cried through the same trials by fire. No other bond shall I have with another that has shed blood with me.

5) Real world class training: I have never trained under a system with so much research and knowledge put together and that has real world application with such skilled masters.

Grand Master Benny Meng talking to students
Vincent Meng with palms together
Instructor tying belt of a child student

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