Teen / Adult Track

In addition to a complete curriculum that teaches all ranges of combat, this program also entails life skills and philosophy.


- Focus on understanding your true identity and potential

- Improve your Life Skills to solve conflicts and maintain harmony.

- Eliminate negative emotions and illusions.

- Tactics and strategies that can apply to daily life.


- Complete fitness and health system.

- External fitness with a focus on proper body mechanics (anatomical structure) and physical attributes (flexibility, strength, endurance, balance, and coordination).

- Internal fitness develops life’s vital energies, the Qi (chi), which benefits the internal organs as well as balances your emotions.


- Realistic combat techniques that encompass all ranges of combat (Kicking, Striking, Trapping, Grappling). There is no need to learn four different styles to learn all four ranges of techniques.

- Traditional and modern weapons.

- Focus on technical skill and efficiency, not just brute strength and raw speed.

- This is the only system that has reached maximum efficiency, meaning nothing can be added or subtracted from the system to improve it.

Realistic self-defense, health and fitness benefits, and beneficial life principles and concepts

Grand Master Benny Meng talking to students
Vincent Meng with palms together
Instructor tying belt of a child student

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