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HKB Meng's Martial Arts, offering Martial arts, Kung Fu, Karate and No Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Katy & Cypress, Texas

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Meng's Martial Arts of the Arts

of the Rio The Grande Valley

Harlingen, TX

Here at HKB Meng's Martial Arts of Katy we are eager to serve you and give you the best martial arts experience and education possible. Our organization has been around 25 years and have helped thousands of people just like you become better human beings through using our proven martial art methods. We are located conveniently on Fry Rd and I-10 in Katy, Texas. We have 2 training floors that are kept clean everyday and provide a fun friendly family environment. Our goal is to develop Black Belts and Black Belt Excellence outside the school as well as inside the school.

Internationally known Martial Artists, Daytime Fitness, Self Defense, Katy community involvement and tons of family fun!!

If you’re truly looking for the best martial arts education in Katy and West Houston Meng’s is the place for you. Our teaching methods are very well thought out and cater to your needs. Either for Fitness, self defence, competition, learning a complete martial arts system or having the kids just be involved with something fun while learning life skills.

Programs for the Whole Family from ages 4 on up.

HKB Meng’s Martial Arts of Katy has a complete array of different classes based on what your interest level is to obtain in the martial arts. For our children starting out from ages 4-6 we have our exciting and fun Tiny Tigers program to help them with focus, self control and confidence. For ages 7-12 our Youth Kung Fu / Karate program is full of positive rewards to help them create a solid self identity and confidence for the future to make the good and responsible decisions. Our kids program has such a great reputation we have been picked to teach in Public and Charter schools in the Houston area.

Our Adult Kung Fu program is known world wide and is directly affiliated and certified by the only martial arts museum and research institute in the United States. We provide Martial Arts /Shaolin Kung Fu Fundamentals addressing all ranges of self defense as well the efficient system of Hek Ki Boen Kung Fu. For those that want to compete in the martial arts our Combat Sports Club is for you. This includes MMA cage fighting, full contact San Shou kickboxing, Kung Fu, Karate and Brazilian Jujitsu tournaments.

Monthly Action-Packed Fun Calendar of Events for our Kids

HKB Meng’s Martial Arts of Katy works hard but also believes in giving our kids a fun and rewarding environment with monthly events. Some of these fun events include; Academic Achievement Pizza Party, Bring a Buddy Night, Goal Setting Board Breaking Workshops, Parents Night Out, Parent Participation Night and Game Night which we have more than 20 games based on strength, endurance, teamwork, listening, coordination, and balance. Some of the names of the games include “Alligator Crossing”, “Shark Attack”, “Flip the Turtle” and “Blind Ninja”. We also do Kung Fu/ martial arts movie night for the kids as well as for the adults.

Katy’s Leader in Kidnapping and Bully Prevention

We are also the leader in Katy and West Houston in teaching Kidnapping and Bully Prevention. This is to keep our kids safe and our parents aware. A sister company of Meng’s Martial Arts of Katy is Kid Escape of Texas, which is a company that works with public and private schools as well as community workshops for churches, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and many kid based businesses to educate on kidnapping prevention. This done mainly on how not to be moved to the second location thru the concept of “Grip, Dip and Spin” tm. This is not a martial arts seminar.

Master Brad Ryan owns all territory, licensing and certifying rights to the Houston area for the Kid Escape program


You Have Found The Right Place                                       Summer camp Testimonial


Katy Texas Parent Testimonial

Meng's Martial Arts of Katy could not have been a better choice for my eight year old son. I looked into different martial arts forms and there were a lot of different schools in the Katy area to choose from. Although I do not wish to talk down about any other schools, Meng's seemed to have the most to offer my son and myself. Not only do they teach the techniques of martial arts and Kung Fu, but they also teach discipline, respect, focus, and manners, which are all used together for use in every day life. My son was struggling in school with his behavior, grades, and ability to focus. He was also diagnosed with ADD last year, and I have been looking for something to help him with his inability to focus, without having to put him on medication. Even being at Meng's for just a short time, I have noticed major improvements in all of these areas.

He has never been able to find an activity he enjoys enough to continue in, but I think that has changed. The excitement on his face every time we get ready to go to class is enough in itself for me to know we made the right decision. After trying almost every sport available to my son's age group, I can smile and say I think I have finally found exactly what my son needs to help him grow, both mentally and physically. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is looking to learn more than how to kick or punch. It's the best choice I have made in a long time-

- Ambir / Katy Resident / from Google reviews (shorted for web space)

"I Am Not Too Sure If This Is For Me"

This is why the best thing about our School is that we let you experience our trial and try it out for up to 6 Weeks before you have to make any decisions. That’s how confident we are that you love our classes.

Define the moment, don't let the moment define you. It's completely your choice to take control of your life. Simply test-drive our entire program with no obligation at all.

We have made everything easy for you to find out if our program is what you are looking for. During your initial meeting, you will receive school tour, One Private Lesson with one of our highly trained instructors, one group lesson for FREE. If after that you want to become a member our 2 week Back To School Special which includes a free uniform This will give you an opportunity to visit our facility, meet our staff and work with our Instructors and Most importantly, This is your opportunity to interview us with NO OBLIGATION!

Register Now for your FREE class and FREE private lesson, our appointments fill up fast during the week so Hurry.

We Look forward on Serving You and your Family.




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