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Tiny Tigers are ages 5 to 6, Katy Children's Martial Arts


Our Tiny Tigers programs are by far one of the best children’s activities in the area. It’s fun, yet educational. We love to work with the younger kids coming in and watching them improve and mature throughout the coarse. The Tiny Tigers program will give children the confidence and social skills they need to enter elementary school. At Meng’s we develop confidence in our students so when it’s time to go to school they walk in with their head up, and raise their hand and look the teacher in the eye. This is because our great instructors as well as our very well thought out curriculum. Our Tiny Tigers curriculum will not only teach basic martial arts but will also teach them the proven and very effective Kid Escape Anti-Abduction techniques. They will also learn about basic goal setting, positive thinking, the importance of exercise and working and sharing with others. They will also learn to be leaders by leading the group in exercises and demonstrating they’re forms and martial arts techniques in front of their pears. Our goal is to develop Black Belts and Black Belt Excellence inside and outside the classroom.

The Tiny Tigers program is guaranteed to give your child the following:
More Confidence
More Self Control
More Balance
More Coordination
More Focus
Kid Escape Anti-Abduction Awareness
Ability to follow simple instructions
Learn to work well with others and take turns
Learn about positive and negative consequences
All while Having a tons of FUN!!

If you would like to enroll in your child in our Tiny Tigers program please call today to set up your Free Class!

Sifu Brad Ryan explains some ways they motivate and teach goal setting to the kids.




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